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Cat Towers give cats a high lookout point, giving them a sense of safety and security. Cats enjoy climbimg. It is part of their naturals instincts where they can watch over their domain. And if the household contains a pet dog, a high perch gives them a sense of superiority over their caine counterpart.

They satisfies a feline's need to explore. We had a Morris cat that loved to climb to top of our seven foot bookcases and look at us. He came down when he was ready, ignoring my wifes attempts coax him down.

A floor to ceiling model promotes exercise and athletic abilities, preventing boredom and other destructive behaviors. The floor to ceiling sisal model is designed to securely anchor between your floor and ceiling to provide a stable climbing, scratching and lounging tower for your cat or group of cats!

The outside is carpeted completely in a high quality sisal carpet, allowing cats (claws required!) to climb up and down and scratch to their heart's content. The interior is carpeted in a traditional non-looped carpet.

On the inside levels, the bottom two lounge shelves are solid, and the top two lounge shelves are 'half' shelves, allowing the cats to climb between those two levels on the inside.

A different style of tower has three platforms for triple the excitement. Poles coiled with sisal make for divine scratching posts. ( saves your curtains and sofa.) A catnip container and interactive toy balance out this popular kitty climber.

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