Cat Bed

Cats laying on your bed and furniture? Give them their own Cat Bed to sleep, play and nap.

Cats sleep anywhere they chose - draped over an arm of the loveseat, on top of your favorite slippers. A warm and comfortable bed for your pet, may be a way to have your cat sleep in certain areas of your home you would like them to. Locating at the bed near a warm register might help keep cat hair away from your bed, designer couch or cat allergic family members.

A cat that naps in other areas of the home does not mean they do not appreciate a bed made for cats, rather they may have become tired and simply lied down for a nap where they were. When a cat sleeps in the bed several nights during the week, they are happy with the choice.

These beds are comfortable cushions a cat finds appealing to their needs. Beds are available in various designs - walled cylinder, cave - like or cushioned wicker baskets, providing your cat with a sheltered sleeping sanctuary. Beds may lined with sheepskin, chenille or polar fleece.

Heated beds for cats are an ideal way to soothe new cats and comfort older cats with arthritis or other feline related ailments.

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