Types of Cats

Types of cats or cat breeds have many distinctive characteristics.

Cats come in a variety of colors, sizes and shapes. Some with short or long legs, ears that are pointed and narrow heads. Faces that are round, some are flat. They are shaggy, fluffy or hairless. Cats have short tails, fluffy tails or no tails. Cats are popular pets and are great companions for many people.

Some breeds are more appropriate for certain age groups and personality types. Different breeds of cats are easier to handle than others. All breeds generally are appropriate for adults, but a different breed of cat can be better suited for each person's lifestyle and personal preferences.

Cat Types and Body Styles...


  • Lithe and graceful but firm and muscular as well
  • Includes: Abyssinian, Russian Blue Cats and Turkish Angora
  • Cobby

  • A broad, round body type with a broad head and shorter legs
  • Includes: Persian and Exotic Shorthair
  • Semi-Cobby (also called Robust)

  • Slightly less compact and usually less round than the cobby
  • Includes: Chartreux and British Shorthair
  • Moderate (also called Medium)

  • Falls midway between cobby and svelte
  • Includes: Bengal, Birman, Traditional Siamese and Maine Coon Cat
  • Svelte (also called Foreign)

  • A sleek, long bodied, tubular and firm body type
  • Includes: Extreme Siamese. Balinese, Oriental Longhair and Shorthair
  • Semi-foreign

  • Rectangular and elongated but not tubular
  • Less long than the svelte body type
  • The head is a modified wedge shape
  • Ears are not as large and the muzzle is usually shorter than the svelte breeds
  • Usually fine or medium boned
  • Includes: Nebelung, Snowshoe and American Curl

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