Feline Bladder Infection

Feline Bladder Infection Treatment & Prevention

Feline bladder infection is also known as urinary tract infection, FLUTD, cystitis, and many other names. You cat is suffering from this disease if you observe that she often urinates outside the litter box or cries out whenever she tries to urinate. There might also be blood in her urine.

Take not that these symptoms is caused by the inflammation in the feline bladder, not the infection itself. If your cat can't urinate at all, take her to the vet immediately to address the blockage in her urinary tract. The treatment for this feline diseases depends on the diagnosis.

There are a number of cat bladder infection treatments that veterinarians recommend to cure this illness. The most common of all is the prescription of antibiotics to treat the bladder infection.

To determine how serious the problem is, tests which include a urinalysis to check for white blood cells in the urine, and a urine culture to know which bacteria is causing the problem. This test is done to know which antibiotic medicine is bet to use for the cat suffering from feline bladder infection.

Another treatment option is the use of natural and herbal remedies for feline bladder problems. The remedy usually consists of the herbs uva ursi and barberry, along with Cantharis and Staphysagris. These natural ingredients are proven to be very effective in treating bladder-related diseases.

If you want your cat from getting a bladder infection, change her diet and feed your pet wet canned food. Your cat will be more prone to bladder infection or inflammation if she only eats dry food. Your pet must also drink lots of pure, clean water always.

To make sure the water doesn't have any contaminants, give him the distilled or filtered one. Minimizing your pet's stress level is also a great way to prevent and treat this urinary problem.

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