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Keeping your Cat Healthy

To help you have a healthy cat and kittens, visit your trustworthy veterinary clinic to determine food products that are best for your cats health.

A good vet will advise you on the correct kind of food your cat needs, how much it should be eat per day and inform you about your cat's health. They check your cat or kitten to be sure your pet is in excellent health and will give your pet any shots the cat needs.

In addition, the veterinary clinic is also a great source of information that are free. The vet may also suggest further reading and recommended books. The internet is another great resource for finding out tips and advice about how to keep a healthy cat. There are many websites run by cat owners, professionals breeders and veterinarians.

A yearly trip to the vet for shots and a checkup are all your pet should need unless the pet gets sick or injured.

Your Cats Health

For piece of mind and the cats health, there are a few simple checks you can perform on your kitten at home each week. Watch how your kitten walks and ensure it is distributing its weight equally on all of four legs.

If your kitten has a limp or avoids putting weight on a foot there may be a problem with that foot or leg. Looking into your kittens eyes can also tell you a lot about its health.

A cat's eyes should be clear and not clouded with no discharges around them. Any small bit of discharge around your cats eyes can easily and gently be cleaned away. Check again the next day, if the problem continues it could be a possible eye infection and you will need to see the vet again.

Check your kitten's nose and ears in the same way as they should be discharge free and healthy looking.

Finally, check the kitten's teeth, ensure your kitten hasn't lost any teeth and that they are clean and white. Heavy discoloration may be another sign of infection, in which a trip to the vet is needed.

While stroking your cat check for any bumps or lumps that might have appeared. If you find anything out of the ordinary its always best to get the vet to check it out.

Also look at your kitten's fur. Is the fur silky and healthy looking or is the fur greasy or dull looking? If the fur is dull looking, your cat may not be getting the correct nutrition it needs.

All of these checks can be done with in ten minutes and can help ensure you have a beautiful healthy cat.

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