General Cat Health

General cat health for responsible pet owners, ensures the best availiable health for the cats in their care by providing a balanced diet, good hygenie and immunization for kittens, with regular booster shots. Knowing the cat you love and its behavior, you as an owner, are best placed to recognize signs of illness when it occurs.

Thus enabling early treatment giving your pet the best possible chance of being cured. Grooming sessions are the time for regular checks, but any change or odd behavior should always be investigated.

Cats suffer a wide range of diseases and conditions, some paralleling those in humans, from cancers, arthritis and diabetes. There are few that can be passed from humans to cats and cats to humans. The most serious they can catch is rabies.

Ringworm, a fungal disease, can be transmitted to humans. Certain mites and fleas can pass from cats to humans (fortunately cat fleas prefer a cat host).

Bacteria from a cat may infect open wounds on humans. Scratches and cuts should be carefully cleaned and covered to avoid contact. Bites and scratches inflicated by cats should be carefully cleansed and antiseptic applied to prevent infection from setting in the wound.

A protozoan parasite, Toxoplasma Gondii possibly is the most worrisome disease. It is carried by many humans - 90% in some countries - and possibly by 50% of cats. Cats spread infective cysts by voiding them in feces.

This produces mild symptons in cats and rarely in humans. It can affect unborn children in the womb. Pregnant woman should avoid changing cat litter or if they have to, always wear gloves.

Both humans and cats can contract the disease from raw or undercooked meat.

May this information about general cat health be useful for keeping your beautiful cat healthy.

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